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Style Breakz, BreakBeat, Electro House
Released 9/09/2019
Format MP3,320kbps
Label Yeah Man
Cat YMR142
Type Compilation

To celebrate 9 years of Yeah Man Records we have put toghether a MASSIVE collection of our fav songs, many alittle many but we hope you enjoy this release and helps us celebrate our time served...much love x!

MC Freeflow, C.D.L Ч "Taking My Breath Away (Original Mix)" 4:35
MC Freeflow, C.D.L Ч "Dreamer (Original Mix)" 6:25
MC Freeflow Ч "Lions Roar (Original Mix)" 5:38
MC Freeflow, HouseRocka Ч "Back Again (Original Mix)" 4:41
MC Freeflow Ч "Don't Stop Tilll You Have Had Enough (Original Mix)" 6:39
MC Freeflow Ч "Getting R.A.W (Original Mix)" 3:12
MC Freeflow Ч "Hello & Goodbye (Original Mix)" 5:03
MC Freeflow Ч "I See You (Original Mix)" 5:47
MC Freeflow Ч "Keep On Pushing Me (Original Mix)" 5:35
MC Freeflow Ч "Lets Move (Original Mix)" 5:23
MC Freeflow Ч "Party All Night (Original Mix)" 1:32
MC Freeflow Ч "Play With Your Mind (Original Mix)" 5:33
MC Freeflow Ч "Shut Up & Dance (Original Mix)" 8:08
MC Freeflow Ч "Ten Toes Down (Original Mix)" 7:35
MC Freeflow Ч "This Is The Night (Original Mix)" 5:16
MC Freeflow Ч "We Party Hard (Original Mix)" 5:58
MC Freeflow Ч "Your Gonna Love It (Original Mix)" 4:30
MC Freeflow, Alt - A Ч "Wondered (Original Mix)" 5:27
MC Freeflow Ч "Just One of Those Nights (Original Mix)" 6:17
MC Freeflow, Loc E, Gio E Ч "Hype It Up (Original Mix)" 5:54
MC Freeflow Ч "One Life (Original Mix)" 6:02
MC Freeflow, Amp Jackers Ч "Shoes On (Original Mix)" 5:14
MC Freeflow Ч "Twisted Minds (Original Mix)" 3:15
MC Freeflow, Future Frog Ч "Haters (Original Mix)" 4:21
MC Freeflow Ч "Its True (Original Mix)" 3:25
MC Freeflow Ч "Lets Get Pumped (Original Mix)" 7:55
MC Freeflow Ч "Never Forget (Original Mix)" 6:00
MC Freeflow Ч "Temptaion (Original Mix)" 6:32
MC Freeflow Ч "Turn It Out (Original Mix)" 6:36
MC Freeflow Ч "Twisted (Original Mix)" 6:07
MC Freeflow Ч "Walk This Way (Original Mix)" 7:55
MC Freeflow Ч "Can You Take It (Original Mix)" 7:36
MC Freeflow, Heavy Duty Brothers Ч "Doin It Right (Original Mix)" 4:46
MC Freeflow Ч "Good Times (Original Mix)" 2:26
MC Freeflow Ч "Join As One (Original Mix)" 6:46
MC Freeflow Ч "Life Is Just A Game (Original Mix)" 6:02
MC Freeflow Ч "Nobody (Original Mix)" 2:22
MC Freeflow Ч "Shining Bright (Original Mix)" 4:48
MC Freeflow Ч "So Real (Original Mix)" 5:18
MC Freeflow Ч "The Midnight Hour (Original Mix)" 4:34
MC Freeflow, Alt - A Ч "Liberation (Original Mix)" 5:53
MC Freeflow, Alt - A Ч "Lost Without A Trace (Original Mix)" 6:31
MC Freeflow, Alt - A Ч "Here I Come (Original Mix)" 5:45
MC Freeflow Ч "Stand By You (Original Mix)" 5:53
MC Freeflow, Alt - A Ч "Be Around (Original Mix)" 5:33
MC Freeflow, Amp Jakers, Perfect Cell Ч "Who's That Jacking at My Door (Original Mix)" 5:25
MC Freeflow, Cheeky D Ч "Im Thinking Dance (Original Mix)" 6:09
MC Freeflow Ч "In The Zone (Original Mix)" 7:01
MC Freeflow Ч "Its Time (Original Mix)" 10:06
MC Freeflow, Cheeky D Ч "Late Night (Original Mix)" 6:23
MC Freeflow Ч "Make History (Original Mix)" 8:00
MC Freeflow Ч "One Day (Original Mix)" 6:58
MC Freeflow Ч "Straight From The Horse's Mouth (Original Mix)" 1:41
MC Freeflow Ч "That Lonely Road (Original Mix)" 2:27
MC Freeflow Ч "The Grass Ain't Always Greener On The Other Side (Original Mix)" 2:25
MC Freeflow Ч "Till The End of Time (Original Mix)" 6:55
MC Freeflow Ч "Try Your Best (Original Mix)" 4:19
MC Freeflow, Deenk Ч "Waiting For You (Original Mix)" 6:33
MC Freeflow Ч "We Got This (Original Mix)" 4:04
MC Freeflow Ч "Bad Dream (Original Mix)" 3:08
MC Freeflow, Alt - A Ч "Take You On (Original Mix)" 5:29
MC Freeflow Ч "Cx Army (Original Mix)" 6:26


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