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Download Dylan Rhymes - Dead Famous (KSRCD23) mp3

Style: Breaks, Electro, House
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Date: 10/10/2005
Label: Kingsize Records
Cat: KSRCD23

Х Dylan Rhymes Ч Don't Want You Anyway 5:18
Х Dylan Rhymes Ч Fashion Kills 4:17
Х Dylan Rhymes Ч Nightbreed 4:50
Х Dylan Rhymes Ч Times Like This 3:40
Х Dylan Rhymes Ч Dead Famous 3:02
Х Dylan Rhymes Ч What's Your Poison 3:33
Х Dylan Rhymes Ч You Got The Money 3:15
Х Dylan Rhymes Ч Sugar DJ 5:46
Х Dylan Rhymes Ч Hope For Us Yet 3:51
Х Dylan Rhymes Ч Coming Clean 3:18
Х Dylan Rhymes Ч New Sun 6:03
Х Dylan Rhymes Ч Dead Famous (Continuous Mix) 46:49
12 / 1:33:37

One of dance music's biggest names, Dylan Rhymes, has been there, done that and bought the t-shirt when it comes to dance over the last ten years and is now ready to drop his debut album, "Dead Famous", through the achingly hip Kingsize Records.
Whether through his seminal "Naked & Ashamed" track (used by Smirnoff in one of the most successful and long running advertising campaigns in history) or this year's chart bothering club smash "Salty", it's likely you've heard the DR sound before, but now with new writing partner Anthony Gorry (who has previous form with Mansun, Dubaholics, Victoria Beckham etc) the perfect meeting of minds has occurred, creating a balance of edgy credibility and pop sensibilities.
Funky, dirty, epic, rocky, electronic, poppy and credible, this album is a mish mash of styles, vibes and directions which take the listener on a journey through the best of "noughties" music.

From the block rocking beats, grungy attitude and singalong vocals of "Don't Want You Anyway" and "You Got the Money", to the electro-80's vibe of "Fashion Kills" and "Dead Famous" this album combines band ethics with dance music sensibilities to great effect.
For those laidback moments, the William Orbit-esque (circa "Ray Of Light") "What's Your Poison", the dub stylings of "Hope For Us Yet" and the emotive leanings of "Coming Clean" provide the perfect balance to the more raucous elements of the LP.
Finishing up with the ethnic epic, "New Sun", this is an album with something for everyone and every mood executed in exactly the way you'd expect from one of dance's finest alongside a pop giant.

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