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Epicentre - Serial Sound Killa / We Done Tun Up (EP) 2018

Style: Drum & Bass, Jungle
Release date: 09-02-2018
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Dubsoul Recordings

1. Epicentre - Serial Sound Killa (05:10)
2. Epicentre - We Done Tun Up (05:11)

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Subwoofah's Epicentre continues to stretch his legs in all jungle directions with this debut for RMS's Dubsoul Recordings. Two crispy pieces of work, it's Epicentre in all his fiery colours; "Serial Sound Killa" sends for the hacksaws with its rattling breaks and filthy belching bass groans while "We Done Tun Up" flips the vibe switch for something altogether deeper, smokier and jazzy. Watch out for those far-away sax tones and don't get entangled in his twisted fills. Epicentre really is killing it with his productions right now.

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