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Music: Glitch Hop
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Date: 11/11/2013
Label: Straight Up!

Х KnukS - Shake It Up (Original Mix) 4:54
Х Mizchief - Hitman (Original Mix) 4:42
Х Virtu - Reyes (Flatland Funk & Voyager USA Remix) 4:46
Х Dead Battery - Catch Me If You Can (Majestry Remix) 3:46
Х MineSweepa - House Party (Original Mix) 3:45
Х Left Side Deaf - Grapefruit Incident (Original Mix) 5:11
Х Pistol Shrimp - Cyborg (Skope Remix) 5:14
Х Au5, Fractal (USA) - Subvert (Original Mix) 4:11
Х Becca - Under Control (Titanoz Remix) 4:42
Х Skope - Rollerskates (Original Mix) 5:49
Х Jan Waterman - Unbefuckinglievable (Original Mix) 4:45
Х Aeon Tribe - Heart of The Machine (Original Mix) 3:07
Х Ember - Unbreakable (Original Mix) 3:13
Х Broken Fly - Out Of Control (Original Mix) 5:50
Х Earegular - Spectral Flex (Original Mix) 5:36
Х Dephicit, Tryptich - Get Dirty (Original Mix) 4:10
Х Electroshock - Citron (Igor Graphite Remix) 3:39
Х Zerostailaz - Epic Swing (Original Mix) 5:21
Х Den5ity - Dirty Love (Original Mix) 4:44
Х M.Rook - Break The Walls (Original Mix) 3:59
Х FreekDeZeek - Destroy The Dancefloor (Highcut Remix) 4:20
Х Inspir - Liberty Place (Original Mix) 3:21
Х K Theory - No God For Men Like Us (Original Vocal Mix) 4:50
Х Warr!or - Booby Trap (Original Mix) 3:32
Х Whacka - Bacon (Original Mix) 5:20
25 / 1:52:33

US compilation kings Straight Up! rep the glitch scene once again. Their fifth collection in this series, it's business as usual as they explore every corner of the globe for the most exciting, creative sounds of the genre. Naturally they've nailed it as we're bombarded with raw creativity. Highlights include the lush emotional west coast funk synths of Au5 & Fractal's "Subvert", the psychedelic acid bubbles of Mizchief's savage dub-twisted "Hitman", the euphoric synth jet streams of Virtu's "Reyes" and the more experimental, tightly edited vocal cuts and insane reverse bass techniques on Left Side Dear's "Grapefruit Incident". 25 tracks in total, there's no better representation of contemporary glitches, Straight Up have delivered big time.

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