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Get bass music FRESH BASS RELEASES » Breakbeat » Boca 45 Bombs from the Vaults (LP) 2017

Style: Hip Hop, Funk, Breakbeat
Release date: 24-11-2017
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Bomb Strikes

Boca 45 - 45 Live
Boca 45 - Bombs from the Vaults Intro
Boca 45 - Diego's Theme
Boca 45/Stepchild - Down to Mexico
Boca 45 - Hand of God
Boca 45/Mc Kay - In the City
Boca 45 - Lafayette Partytime
Boca 45/Emskee - Meaning of Live (Lark Chillout Remix)
Boca 45/Kelvin Swaby - Round & Round
Boca 45/Louis Baker - Soul on Top
Boca 45/Profile - Stand Up (Geoff Barrow Remix)
Boca 45/Mohawkestra - The Bear Pit
Boca 45 - Ultra!
Boca 45/The Good People - We're Right Here
BocaWoody/Blu Rum 13 - Jump
BocaWoody/Blu Rum 13 - Rockin Ya Block (The Allergies Remix)
BocaWoody - Stand up & Be Counted
Dynamo Productions/Profile - Back to Basics (Jimi Entley Remix)
Dynamo Productions - Gotta Groove
Dynamo Productions - Hit the Floor (One Cut Remix)
Dynamo Productions - Showtime
Fort Knox Five/Mustafa Akbar - The Party Pushers (Boca 45 Remix)
Gizelle Smith/The Mighty Mocambos - Hold Fast (Boca 45 Edit)
Malachai - Shitkicker
Purple Penguin - Non Deadly
The Beekeepers/Mystro - Queen Bee
The Beekeepers - Transcript
The Bodybeard Brothers - Original Love Injection (Boca 45 Remix)
Torpedo Boys - Are You Talking to Me? (Boca 45 Remix)
VA - Boca 45: Bombs From The Vaults (continuous mix)

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Bristiol's Scott Hendy aka Boca 45 steps forward on the Bomb Strikes imprint with a fantastic new compilation composed of 29 previous classics, unreleased dynamite sticks and a selection of exclusive new music. What a way to summarize the Boca 45 sound, as the release, specifically crafted by the man himself rolls effortlessly through 20 years of funk, breakbeat, hip hop and whatever else fits the situation! The two new records are entitled 'Hand Of God' and 'The Bear Pit' which pays homage to the infamous bristol underground location. Overall, this is a fantastic collection and a must purchase for any Boca 45 fan!

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