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Dr Rubberfunk - My Life at 45, Pt. 2 (JAL294)

Style: Funk / Breakbeat
Release date: 01/02/2019
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Label: Jalapeno
Cat: JAL294

Dr Rubberfunk, Ben Castle — Canvas Cathedral 3:58
Dr Rubberfunk, Izo Fitzroy — A Little Blahzay 3:31

Jalapeno veteran Dr Rubberfunk returns to the Brighton label with two more slabs of authentic-sounding retro funk and soul. The sax-led 'Canvas Cathedral' (feat Ben Castle) is up first, underpinning a melodic topline that veers close to muzak territory with beats which owe more to lo-fi hip-hop, making for a track that'll appeal to b-boys, funkateers and coffee shop yummy mummies alike. 'A Little Blahzay' (feat Izo FitzRoy) then offers a complete change of pace, channelling 90s/00s R&B and neo-soul ? la D'Angelo, Erykah Badu et al. S'good, but 'Cathedral City' is the one for club play.

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