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Get bass music FRESH BASS RELEASES » Breakbeat » Arsonist Recorder - Vaxxer Remixes (SPEC024D)

Download Arsonist Recorder - Vaxxer Remixes (SPEC024D) mp3

Style: Electro Freestyle, Breakbeat
Release: 9/4/2021
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Label: Specimen Records
Cat# SPEC024D

tracks 8 / 44:50
Arsonist Recorder, D'Arcangelo — Vaxxer (D'Arcangelo Remix) 4:52
Arsonist Recorder, Serge Geyzel — Vaxxer (Serge Geyzel Remix) 4:49
Arsonist Recorder, Errorbeauty — Vaxxer (Errorbeauty Remix) 7:31
Arsonist Recorder, Adj — Vaxxer (ADJ Retwisted) 6:21
Arsonist Recorder, Kim Cosmic — Vaxxer (Kim Cosmic Remix) 6:33
Arsonist Recorder, Lloyd Stellar — Vaxxer (Lloyd Stellar Remix) 4:56
Arsonist Recorder, Parand — Vaxxer (PΛЯΛПD Remix) 4:35
Arsonist Recorder, Francois Dillinger — Vaxxer (Francois Dillinger Remix) 5:16


Arsonist Recorder presents, the remixes of Vaxxer featuring; D'Arcangelo, Serge Geyzel, Errorbeauty, ADJ, Kim Cosmik, Lloyd Stellar, PAЯAПD, and Francois Dillinger
It's certainly been a weird year for sure, the title "Vaxxer" in 2020 was chosen back when I first saw this word popping up in some article, very early on in the Corona-saga. Who would have thought it would have become such a mainstay expression in our everyday lives hardly one year later. It has become yet another way to label people and put us into groups: "Vaxxers" and "anti-Vaxxers", another detail in the evolution towards a dystopia that is not happening in movies but in real day-to-day life.

Just a track name at first, we decided to use it also as the title for the whole EP which eventually was released in April 2020 on Specimen Records, and like anything virus-related it started living its own life, growing stronger as more DJ's were picking it up: Dave Clarke, Solid Blake, DJ Stingray, Ralph Lawson, ADJ, to name but a few.
Now, a year ahead, it brings me great pleasure and honor to present these exclusive remixes and interpretations of Vaxxer, the artists involved are big inspirations and one by one true hero's of mine, most of whom have become dear friends in these difficult times. When these remixes started coming in, I'm in awe of the sonics that presented to me and I'm proud to present The Vaxxer remixes.

Listen Online.

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