Download Electrocore — Blast The Silence (EP) 2016

Style: Oldschool-Electro, Breakbeat, BreakdanceMusic
Release date: 21.09.2016
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Sound Factory

• Electrocore — Breakin’ The Limits (4:25)
• Electrocore — Blast The Silence (5:42)
• Electrocore, Ksi — New School Resurrection (feat. KSI) (3:14)
• Electrocore — Electronic Music (7:00)
• Electrocore — Sun Goes Down (4:24)
• Electrocore — Breakin’ The Limits (Sonix Remix) (4:51)
• Electrocore — Electronic Music (CJ Chip Remix) (6:17)


«Blast The Silence» is an exclusive electro break-beat album with massive sound, expressive drums and bright electro synth. Great instrumental for dynamic performance, breakdance training and personal use, such as in commercials, podcasting, advertising in radio, viral marketing, presentations, video games, live-performance, sport and dance events, etc.

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