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Download EGOLESS - The only way Out is Through LP mp3
Music/Style Electronic, Bass, Trip-Hop, Psychedelic, Jazzy, Dub, Abstract, Breaks, IDM
Date 22/11/2021
Quality 320 kbps MP3 | FLAC
Imprint immaimma
Format Album

This album represents an emotional struggle... First, going through everything we've experienced in the past two years, and second, a battle with diagnosed anxiety disorder. Most of the songs were created while suffering from heavy panic attacks. Sometimes I wasn't able to spend 20 minutes in the studio without running outside in panic. That's why it is important for me to finally let this one go. They say a song is never finished, only abandoned. The album is free to download but if you want to support it please consider throwing $ my ways. I'm sure I don't have to explain what a fucking nightmare last two years for working musicians were. Still are... Also, one last thing, since I don't use Facebook & Instagram anymore please spread the word around.
Thank you for supporting my work! Ognjen aka. Egoless.
Download VA - FUNKY BREAKS & BEATS [IRM2082] mp3
Music/Style Electronic, Funky-Breakbeat, Hip-Hop, Funky-Breaks, Afro-House, Broken-Beat, Jazzy
Adte 23/11/2021
Quality 320 kbps MP3
Imprint Pyramide
Nr# IRM2082

Varios artistas: Funky Breaks and Beats está diseñado y firmado como referencia en su elección de varios archivos de intercambiadores. La conveniencia, confiabilidad y disponibilidad, es propiedad de nuestro portal, la eficiencia y el compromiso a nuevas alturas, ¡así como la inmensidad de la transformación creativa! Con el apoyo de los intérpretes Ltj Xperience, Vito Lalinga, Low Fidelity Jet Set Orchestra, Dj Rodriguez, Clan Greco, Sabo, Zeb, Soulstance, Jazz 2 More, Black Mighty Wax, Max Paparella Organization completó el contraste de esta recopilación. A su atención, se presenta una publicación Pyramide Records para su revisión, así como una descripción general de la imagen general, el contenido y la escucha. Escuche, familiarícese y descargue la publicación en este sitio web.
Download Detach & Platov - Global Breaks Festival 4 (19-11-2021) mp3
Styles Breaks, Nu-Skool-Breaks
Date 19/11/2021
HQ MP3 225 kbps
Zippy 134 mb «All Mixes»
Download LADY WAKS @ Record Club #656 (12-11-2021) [Guest Mix dj's Detach, Keepax] mp3
Styles Breaks, Nu-Skool-Breaks, Drum and Bass
Date 12/11/2021
HQ MP3 320 kbps
Zippy 134 mb «All Mixes Radio Record (Link)»

IN BEAT ON AIR in Lady Waks In Da Mix from dj's - Detach & KeePax!
Download WBBL - Super Hard Funky Bits [Album] mp3
Music/Style Drum and Bass, Bass-House, BreakBeat, Ghetto funk, Glitch hop, Funky-House
Release 3/12/2021
Quality 320 kbps MP3
Imprint WBBL
Format Album
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Download DJ Hero - Solitude Studios Podcast #78 mp3
Style: Breaks, Nu-Skool-Breaks, Bass
Date: 3/12/2021
HQ: MP3 320 kbps
Rar: 137 mb DJ Hero All mixes
Download Tagg - 321 Bang / Glastonbury Here We Come mp3
Style: Breakbeat, Breaks
Quality: FLAC
Release date: 12/11/2007
Label: Finn Breaks
Cat: FNB001
Download Danny Howells - Flight Home mp3
Style: Broken Beat, Drum 'n Bass
Quality: FLAC
Release date: 01/05/2009
Label: Dig Deeper
Cat: 12DIG004
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Download Smithmonger vs. Kobi - Grizzle mp3
Style: Breakbeat, Breaks
Quality: FLAC
Released: 07/11/2005
Label: Vertical Sound Recordings
Cat: VS009
Download Ribs & IG88 - Rebel Bass Vol. 2 mp3
Style: Breakbeat, Breaks, Dubstep
Quality: FLAC
Released: 13/04/2009
Label: Bassrock Records
Cat: BROCK025
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