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Get bass music FRESH BASS RELEASES » Breaks » Atomic Hooligan - Fat Breaks Vol 1 [Compile]

Download Atomic Hooligan - Fat Breaks Vol 1 [Compile] mp3

Style: Electronic, Breaks, Nu-Breaks
dаta: 28.07.2017
Quality: MP3| 320 kbps
Label: Fat! Records
Nr# 190374890892

Volviendo a la vieja escuela con algunos de los veteranos de Nuskool, Atomic Hooligan y Jay Cunning tuvieron el privilegio especial de mezclar el último lanzamiento de Fat. Registros. Una colección de pistas del catálogo anterior de Fat! ¡Discos con algunas pistas que tienen más de 10 años!

Como era de esperar, el Fat! A la etiqueta nunca le gusta reprimirse cuando se trata de compilaciones: les gusta hacer todo lo posible y, con razón, dejar la opción de la dieta a otros. Estamos hablando de bajo aquí, y mucho; además, la compilación Breaks Vol.1 ofrece todos los matices, en su mayoría filtrados a través de lentes de percusión. En este leviatán, encontrarás melodías de la talla de Merka, que destruye absolutamente el lugar con un disparo de ritmos y bajo electro-cargado, o Boabinga y sus nuevas cepas de pseudo-jungla, e incluso el tono más funky de Breakbeat de Peacemaker. Eso es solo para darle una instantánea porque, con toda honestidad, este es uno para disfrutarlo en su totalidad. ¡Ve y descarga el lote!

1. Merka - Mystic Man (Retro Re-Rub)
2. Baobinga - Jump Up Get Hype (feat. Virus Syndicate)
3. Gella - Chi Kaa Chi Koo (Gunfire dub)
4. Merka - Hug A Speaker
5. Kickflip - King Conga
6. Baobinga - Jewelz
7. Tayo Meets Acid Rockers Downtown - Rockers Delight
8. Hedrock Valley Beats - How Do You Feel (Koma & Bones vocal remix)
9. Merka - Minds I (Retrodub remix)
10. Baobinga - Recognise
11. Peacemaker - Crisis
12. B-Phreak - Chunk Style
13. Porno Breaks - Hasheater (Jhz remix)
14. Merka - My Spaceship (Chris Carter remix)
15. Apollo Kids - The Wrath
16. Atomic Hooligan - Fat! Breaks Vol 1 (continuous DJ mix) (01:08:49)

Fat! Breaks Vol 1 mixed by Atomic Hooligan & Jay Cunning shines a light on the innovative Breaks music scene of the early to mid-00s on the Fat! imprint. You will hear tracks from artists like Tayo, Peacemaker, The Apolo Kid and more and marvel at how fresh they sound. Despite owning some of the early Distinctive Breaks compilation/mix albums, the material on Fat! Breaks Vol 1 is a whole new experience to this writer. Tracks like Merka’s ‘Mystic Man Retro Re-rub’ and Gella’s ‘Chi Kaa Chi Koo Gunfire Dub’ have a uniqueness that seems unparalleled in terms of experimentation, a place where the post modern ideas reign but never spoil the dance.

Tracks like Baobinga I.D. ‘Jewelz’ are pure unbridled fire and stand the test of time so well they will smash it in pretty much any, club, festival or rave setting. This compilation features 15 true gems from a defining era. When you hear the likes of Tayo meets Acid Rockers Downtown ‘Rockers Delight’, it’s like hearing the roots of so much of today’s Bass music. Get a piece of timeless history, get to know some truly amazing tracks that will turn the ears of breaks fans and fans of many other genres.


When it comes to record labels in the golden era of Breakbeat music, Fat! is up there as one of the most consistent, original and standard setting on the global scene... Along with their legendary night 'Chew the Fat' at the End in London, the label pioneered a sound in music that will live forever in the souls of ravers all over the world.

Luminary artists such as Foamo, Maribou State, Bondax and Baobinga (Sam Binga) and many others passed through the label in its earlier years and created a sound that was rooted in club culture and helped evolve the diverse Bass & Breakbeat sound.
The very first releases featured the likes of Peacemaker, The Apollo Kids, Merka, Tayo & Kickflip releasing tunes and remixes on the label that will live in Breakbeat folklore.... This is what we are here to celebrate! Re-mastered, re-uploaded, and re-presented for you to re-live your heady days of the naughtys! Fat! Records are proud to present to you Fat! Breaks Vol 1.

Taking a snap shot of the labels earliest highlights from its Breakbeat beginnings, these tunes represent a time in music when influences were flying around like model spitfires at a Saturday morning remote control plane meeting in the park. Techno, early Grime, Garage, Drum & Bass, House, were all being fused into a cohesive melee of breaks and basslines which captured the essence of everything that was fresh and new in the club and dance music at the time, whilst giving a nod to the past with a sprinkling of Disco, old skool Hip Hop and Jungle.

Fat! has since progressed onto releasing some of the finest House, techno and pop infused dance music in the past decade, but its former years will always have a special place in the hearts and minds of many.
To round off the package, Fat! has enlisted the help of Breakbeat believers and 2 of the eras top DJ's, Terry Atomic Hooligan and Jay Cunning to blend this bunch of classics into an hour long mix thats reminiscent of their many sets at Chew The Fat!

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