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Get bass music FRESH BASS RELEASES » Breaks » KURUPT FM - The Lost Tape (LP) 2017

Styles Grime, UK Garage, Breaks, Bassline
Release date 17-11-2017
Format mp3
Quality 320 kbps
Label XL

KURUPT FM - Chabuddy Intro
Scott Garcia x Kurupt FM - It's a Kuruption Ting
Sunship - Try Me Out (Let Me Lick It)
DJ Zinc - 138 Trek
Wookie - Down On Me
DJ Dee Kline - I Don't Smoke
Agent X - Decoy
Sia - Little Man (Exemen Remix)
Youngstar - Pulse X
Ross Young & RB - Smooth Operator (Kurupt FM Remix)
Once Waz Nice - Messin Around (Wideboys Remix)
E.S. Dubs - Standard Hoodlum Issue
KURUPT FM - Suttin Like That
XTC - Functions On The Low
Breakage - Hard feat. Newham Generals & David Rodigan [Kurupt FM Dubplate]
Wiley - Eskimo
Jon E Cash - Cash Beat AKA : Hoods Up Dub
Cage & Danny Weed - Creeper
Dizzee Rascal - Ho
Wiley - Igloo
jammin - Go DJ
KURUPT FM - Get Out The Way (Spooky Remix)

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Brentford's finest pirate radio crew turned BBC sitcom stars have finally made it onto CD. For those familiar with the ebb and flow of their acclaimed People Just Do Nothing series, The Lost Tape is something of a treat. Presented as a non-step Korupt FM broadcast complete with Chabuddy G intro, skewed Steves mixing and rhymes from Grindah and DJ Beats, it's a memorable romp through the history of British garage and grime with a few exclusives and never-before-heard tracks thrown in. Stylistically, it's eerily reminiscent of many pirate radio mixtapes from back-in-the-day - which, of course, is the idea - but with the added bonus of laugh-out-loud moments amongst the scene anthems from Sunship, Wookie, DJ Zinc, Youngstar, Wiley, Dizzee and the boys themselves.

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