Download The Rattle - Fast Food [Album] 2018

The Rattle - Fast Food [Album] 2018

Style. Breaks, Breakbeat, Electropunk
Date. 03/10/2018
Quality. 320 kbps
Format. MP3
Label. Self-Released

1. The Rattle — Global bridge 01:28
2. The Rattle — Fast food 03:45
3. The Rattle — Rockz like this 04:24
4. The Rattle — Kennedy 03:22
5. The Rattle — 10 seconds left 04:06
6. The Rattle — Hit the rhythm 01:37
7. The Rattle — Cut my head off 06:49
8. The Rattle — Ruthless compton 05:07
9. The Rattle — Hammer smashed face 05:20
10. The Rattle — it's over 04:32



The "Fast Food"Longplay is the band's debut album, the album that took these guys several years to complete. Even though the band had done a number of demos over the years, those were merely a steps towards their first full length record. "Fast Food" - is aggressive, heavy, emotional and unpredictable work of electronic music, but at the same time it's quite melodic. The album features some very personal and profound lyrics as well.

Victor: Walk up to the mirror, take a look in it and ask yourself, what do you see, what do you feel, what are going to do today and what do you want to achieve tomorrow? If you're even still able to do it.
Day in, day out we burn our lives away, wasting our potential away, in vain. Everything goes along the plan, the schedule and instruction. It is up to you, either to break this mirror or to continue stuffing yourself with Fast Food

Michael: Have you ever thought, about what your life trully is? Most people regard it as a Fast Food. Cheap amusement, for sake of watching a movie, playing a game, having a lunch in the cafe, replying with emoji below the picture posted somewhere in social network. Well our album is about Life, its' happy and worrisome moments experienced by the people who just tired of constant consumption without any purpose.

Alexander: But please refrain from pigeonoling the album into a genre, as it doesn't belong to any style of music specifically, labelingl our music or putting some tags on it is the last thing you should do about it. So please, just listen to it!

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