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Style Funk, Funky-Breaks, Ghetto_funk, Midtempo, Breakbeat
Released 15/11/2019
Format MP3,320kbps
Label Cuttin' It Fine
Cat CIF14
Type Compilation

1.DJ Fresh — Gold dust (Dephicit Gonna' Keep you Sweatin' Remix) 04:00
2.Young MC — Bust A Move (Toy Beats Remix) 04:37
3.Crash Party — 900 Funky 05:10
4.Frankee More — Funksta Lovin 04:08


It’s that time again for the annual Cuttin’ It Fine party!
As always there’s no expenses spared, we’ve hired the finest village hall a shilling can buy, have made our own paint guns, disco lights and in CIF tradition spiked the punch with Aldi Demestos. Laaaavly! Now onto the guests….
We’ve invited Dephicit this time. Each invitee has to bring an offering and this spicy chap has hijacked a DJ Fresh Classic, slapped some turbo diesel synthesisers and let the handbrake off! Essential for any dance floor destruction…
Next up we have another new comer, Toy Beats. We patted him down at the door and he unwillingly handed over his splendid remix of Bust a Move. A total rework of the classic with delicious bass and synths capable of setting this village hall on fire!
Crash Party have also made a visit, mainly for the punch. Speaking of punch their 900 Funky offering sure packs one. They’ve been using this bad boy in their sets and haven’t yet failed to create an orgy when playing it at various country fates.

Last but never least, we have skyped Frankee More in Australia for his 3-hour yodelling set. It usually gets a bit boring after the first hour so we’ve got his Funksta Loving re-funk lined up in case. 100% Frankee, 100% Fresh!
Well that’s it from us, did we mention all of the above is for free? Apart from the punch. We thought you’d like that. Look out for Volume 2 a Drum and Bass mash-up EP. Also, for free! Dropping in January. Until then, it’s peace from us.

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