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Style Atmospheric Breaks, Progressive Breaks
Date 1/09/2014
Quality mp3:320 kbps
Label Morphosis Records
A series focused primarily on the sounds of intelligent, progressive electronic music in the form of broken beats. In the 4th installment, Morphosis Records and the artist bring (10) original, beautiful crafted tracks for your listening pleasure. From the 1st track to the last, the entire series lays focus to driving atmospheric sounds, intermingled with blissful leads, structured pads combined with rolling arpeggios layered with deep and aggressive basslines. To truly appreciate the sound design and intent of this series; a full listen is a must! Lend your ears and let the sounds of Evolved Breaks 4 ease you out of summer into a fall embrace.

• Stek - Cold Icy Blue Crystal Water 9:18
• Dream Logic - Love 5:59
• Audio Teq & Dan K - Morphosis 9:13
• Digital Department - My Favourite Time 6:52
• Atrium Sun - Never Say Die 7:23
• Omauha - Victoria 8:19
• Dellife - Otherworldly 7:10
• Matt Ether - Beginning 5:52
• A-mase - Russian Breaks 7:16
• Ruslan-Set & Chiba - Thoughts In Silence 7:13
10 / 1:14:32


Morphosis Records - один из немногих лейблов, специализирующихся на атмосферном и прогрессивном брейксе. На Данном импринте выходят самые изящные брейкс релизы в целом. Интересные и затягивающие атмосферные брэйкс хиты от лучших музыкантов в четвертом сборнике из серии "Evolved Breaks 4".

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