Download MISS MANTS — Exclusive mix for Revolution Breakz (24-07-2015)

Style: oldschool / big beat / breakbeat / breaks
Release date: 24-July-2015
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 132 Mb

Revolution Breakz guest mix by MISS MANTS (24-07-2015)

гостевой микс для радиошоу Революшен Брейкс.

Слушать брейкбит музыку!!! Listen free online breakbeat music.


::: The Crystal Method - Keep Hope Alive
::: Colombo - The Place To Be
::: Under This - Bulldozer
::: Prodigy - Castbreeder
::: Aggresivnes - Stereo Solution
::: Rennie Pilgrem, Uberzone - Black Widow
::: Miss Mants - Chevy
::: Uberzone - Rhytm Device
::: Oscar Tg - Twisted By Nature Champion
::: Colombo - Molten Metal
::: 3D Stas - That One
::: The Reptiles - Get It Played
::: Miss Mants - Urban Foundation
::: The Prodigy - Mindfields
::: Miss Mants - Anonim
::: Rob Dougan - Clubbed To Death (Radio Edit)

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► BIO:
Heading from the capital of Estonia, Tallinn, Maria (aka Miss Mants) has started her musical background at a quite early stage. Studying classical music at the Tallinn Music School, playing the piano for 12 years and her family's music background both ensured her path in music in the future. Starting on the radio in her hometown also allowed her to try herself out behind the decks and it did not take too long until she started writing her own tunes in collaboration with the local breaks fanatics. She's been heavily influenced by the sound of the early 2000s drum and bass and of course later on it led to the love of breaks music. Some of her main influences include Specimen A, Far Too Loud, Breakfastaz, Ctrl Z, Screwface, Backdraft, Dopamine, Beatman & Ludmilla or Vent. She lived in many cities around the world where she could expand her musical spectrum helped her to incorporate lots of different elements to her own style. From the hip-hop influenced New York or Florida and finally the core of breaks music, London. Moving to Budapest in 2012 finally gave her the opportunity to shift her main area of focus to music production in order to achieve a more profound sound. She is ready to bring back some of the nicest, fattest breaks to the anyway heavily house music influenced mid-tempo culture.

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