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Download Variant Field - Immeasurable (Album) [GR161] mp3

Style: Breaks, Psy-Chill, Psy-Dub, Psy-Glitch, Trap, ChillTrap
Out: 23/4/2021
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Label: Gravitas
Cat# GR161

tracks 7 / 30:32
Variant Field — Silhouette (Winter) 4:12
Variant Field — Letting Go (Autumn) 4:25
Variant Field — Immeasurable 4:21
Variant Field — Immeasurable (Lil Fish Remix) 4:42
Variant Field — Immeasurable (DISSØLV Remix) 3:54
Variant Field — Letting Go (Spring) 4:59
Variant Field — Silhouette (Summer) 4:02


Since Amani Friend (of Desert Dwellers, Liquid Bloom) met Alex DeYoung in 1995, the duo has experienced many forms of electronic music. As the scene has shifted and evolved, the two producer's paths have ebbed and flowed in and out of each other's lives. After a long hiatus, Variant Field have come to Gravitas Recordings for their first EP in over a decade, Immeasurable. Represented via three original tracks, two edits, and remixes by Lil Fish and DISSØLV, Immeasurable evokes a timeless space, a portal beyond the edge of genres and boxes. Immeasurable nods to several nodes along the electronic music spectrum the two have experienced since the mid '90s, while bringing the music into modern bass realms. Through this, Variant Field has successfully masterminded an emotive, cinematic piece of work that is in perpetual flux.

In winter, a mysterious "Silhouette" stands tall in front of the dark gateway, welcoming listeners as she ushers them through the arch. Rewinding time, autumn re-emerges and courages "Letting Go" through hypnotic, melodic beats. "Immeasurable" is an explorative odyssey that floats through a tranquil nebula. Contributing their own creations of the title track, Lil Fish incorporates hypnotic chants and ethereal world influence that precedes wobbly bass energy, while DISSØLV adds dominant yet quivery basslines to the ether. Fast forwarding to spring, "Letting Go" further propels the enchanting, tribal excursion. Coming full circle in summer, "Silhouette" is a darker, more modern IDM offering that pulls listeners back through the gateway and shuts the portal.

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