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Get bass music FREE DOWNLOAD MP3 TORRENT. » Breaks » Mechanical Pressure — Mythology [EP] 2016

Style: Breaks
Release date: 15/04/2016
Format: MP3, 320kbps
Label: BBZ

В EP четыре оригинальных трека, два из которых были написаны специально к обложке данного релиза, на которой изображена одна из самых опытных девушек в российском косплее - Angel Envy.

Mechanical Pressure — Mythology
Mechanical Pressure — Succubus
Mechanical Pressure — Maze
Mechanical Pressure — Instinct



Много уже всего было сказано про Мифологию, поэтому просто почитайте отзывы. Их целый чат набрался. :)

Omar Santana:
- Yo man! sounds good I really like this EP!! Very dark!
Evan Gamble Lewis:
- Yo! I love it man, especially the Maze track that's right up my alley. I'll be playing that one out :)
- Yeah! Blah!
- Maze is a really really cool track. Thanks for the promo. Will play
that out for sure. Also feel that intro-like "Mythology" track. Very good release, BBZ. Keep it coming!
Steve Fastbinder:
- Amazing pack by the man, 4top tunes thnx guys
Hironimus Bosh:
- Dark as Hell and pretty damn scary! Good stuff thanks for sending 😊
Tom Llupa:
- Easily my favourite producer at the moment. Loving all of these as each is doing something a little different, but all have the deep/twisted vibes that he does so well. All will get a good rinsing from me.
Mechanical Pressure:
- not bad, not bad
Steve Fastbinder
- wicked ep big ups guys
- Cool stuff!
Josef SedloЕ€:
- nice deep tech break stuff, will support
Katie Brooke Denlinger:
- Just heard full track "Maze" in new Rule of Rune mix, absolutely insane!! So dayum good.
Distorsion Records:
- Nice tune guys!
Linda B:
- I love Russian producers they produce the dirtiest beats smile emoticon. I just listened to Mechanical Pressure. That's just what i'm talking about dirty and industrial. I love them!
Dima Pavlenko:
'Succubus' - боевик! Отличный релиз! Звучит мягко. Очень приятно ложится, кайфую )
Danil Gurov:
- EP очень нравится по звуку.
Tom Clyde:
- Да, крутой стаф.

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