Download Shingo Nakamura - Always (Blood Groove, Kikis, Aeron Aether Remixes) (EP) 2017

Style: Progressive House, Progressive Breaks
Release date: 27.03.2017
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Zip: 30 Mb
Label: Silk Music

01. Shingo Nakamura - Always (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix)
02. Shingo Nakamura - Always (Aeron Aether Remix)

free download3369639-02.mp3

Shingo Nakamura's recent contribution, "Always," proved to be a fan favorite of the first quarter of this year. In an effort to do justice to the Tokyo-based sensation's breathtaking single, we've recruited two beloved veterans on remix detail: Latvian duo Blood Groove and Kikis and Hungarian artist Aeron Aether. Capable of composing a wide variety of electronic subgenres, Blood Groove and Kikis, in their glorious interpretation of "Always," have called upon disco-flavored melodic progressive house as their chosen medium of artistic expression. Mellifluous arpeggios and a celestial lead synth highlight a euphoric (if not hallucinogenic) intro. The layered themes build suspense, as the song makes its way to the main breakdown. At that juncture, we are finally treated to some of Shingo's original instrumental and vocal motifs, yet it's Blood Groove and Kikis' infectious and truly blissful themes that continue to steal the show. The song's final minutes offer a riveting climax for the dancefloor-inclined. Continuing a comeback that began last year (courtesy of a standout remix of Mizar B's "Behind That Door"), Aeron Aether delivers an unforgettable take on "Always"; much to our delight, he employs a style that he is credited with helping to pioneer: progressive breaks. A cinematic, beat-less introduction evocatively sets the stage for the arrival of the rhythm, which is at once hard-hitting and graceful. Soon thereafter, a stunning variation on the lead melody cuts through the mix, while rousing strings patiently crescendo in the background. In the main break, Aether's rich soundscape, a veritable electronic symphony, prepares the listeners for the song's thrilling culmination.

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