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RIP: MC Skibadee

Jungle-легенда и участник группы SASASAS — MC Skibadee... (Альфонсо Кастро К. Бондзи) 27/02/2022

Печальные новости из туманного Альбиона. Грустная новость пришла вчера в мир драм-н-бейса. Нас покинул MC Skibadee. Исполнитель известнейших хитов и участник проекта SASASAS был одним из пионеров жанра, без чьего голоса сложно представить знаковые джангл/драм-н-бейс фестивали на протяжении почти трёх десятилетий.

Британский музыкант MC Skibadee умер в возрасте 55 лет. Пионер драм-энд-бейса ворвался на музыкальную сцену в 1993 году. На протяжении карьеры он получил множество наград и вошел в историю электронной музыки. Facebook

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Skibadee: Influential drum and bass MC dies at 55
By Mark Savage

Skibadee, the respected and award-winning drum and bass MC, has died astatine the property of 47, his household person said.
The London-born instrumentalist was known for his double-time "speed rap" delivery, which had a large interaction connected the dependable of British rap.

Tributes poured successful aft his household posted the news connected Facebook.
"Another pioneer gone!" wrote So Solid Crew vocalist Lisa Maffia. DJ Fresh said: "His publication to drum and bass tin ne'er beryllium equalled."

DJ Fresh added: "He was archetypal and foremost a large feline I ever truly enjoyed spending clip with. Goodbye aged friend, we volition support your representation live forever."
Skibadee got his commencement connected pirate vigor successful 1993 and went connected to execute with Shy FX, Harry Shotta and Stevie Hyper D.

Shotta shared a lengthy tribute connected Twitter, saying: "You was my hero, you was the crushed I wanted to spit to Jungle, you was my inspiration & my relation model.

"We travelled the satellite together, we smashed up stages and festivals they said we would ne'er beryllium invited on. We did it, maine & you bro, & I couldn't person wished to bash it with anyone better. I emotion you with each my bosom & I volition marque definite your bequest lives connected forever."

Charlie Tee, sometime big of BBC Radio 1's drum and bass show, wrote: "His ain unsocial benignant of MC-ing volition everlastingly spell down successful the past books arsenic the worldly of legends. A existent pioneer successful D&B and the astir infectious aura."

"We mislaid different legend," added DJ Semtex. "Rest successful bid Skibadee, pioneer, and existent lyrical master."
Other tributes came from Tinie Tempah, Mary Anne Hobbes, DJ Friction, Ghetts, Gorgon City, Plastician and Twin B.
Absolutely gutted to perceive astir my puerility leader Skibadee.

What an implicit legend. Met him erstwhile I was 14 and helium was the kindest antheral to a young fan.
Definitely 1 of the reasons wherefore I got into euphony successful the mode that I did.
Thoughts with his household ❤️—; Gorgon City (@GorgonCity) February 27, 2022

The BBC is not liable for the contented of outer sites.View archetypal tweet connected Twitter

RIP Skibadee. Can’t judge Im penning this close now. Had immoderate astonishing times with him connected signifier implicit the years. An implicit fable of our country and volition beryllium remembered everlastingly 🙏—; Friction (@friction) February 27, 2022
The BBC is not liable for the contented of outer sites.View archetypal tweet connected Twitter
The country conscionable mislaid 1 of it's OG kings. I'm successful shock, I don't cognize what other to accidental ... 💔

Rest casual Skibadee—; Doc Scott (@docscott31) February 27, 2022
The BBC is not liable for the contented of outer sites.View archetypal tweet connected Twitter

Although helium ne'er achieved mainstream success, Skibadee was a hugely influential figure, winning the BBC 1Xtra grant for champion MC successful 2006 and a beingness accomplishment accolade astatine the 2010 Drum and Bass Awards.

Tracks similar Died In Your Arms and Streetfighter MC helped specify a British rap benignant chiseled from US hip-hop, yet paving the mode for grime.

Among aficionados, Skibadee was renowned for his collaborations with chap jungle and drum and bass MC Shabba D; and the 2Xfreestyle project, which merged drum and bass tempos with hip-hop beats, creating the double-time effect.

He was besides a subordinate of drum and bass radical SASASAS, who released an medium Unite (DJ Mix) past twelvemonth and, much recently, the azygous Finally.

Speaking to Grime Report TV in 2017, helium said his million-words-a-minute benignant developed due to the fact that helium "was trying to bash thing antithetic to what everyone other was doing", but that it "always seemed to people spell with the music".

He besides revealed that his signifier sanction came from "little terminologies" helium developed with friends successful the 1990s.

"Most of the mandem I utilized to rotation with came up with the term, 'Skibadeeboiiii!' They utilized to accidental that each the time, and it conscionable benignant of stuck with me."

In the connection connected Sunday, 1 of his children said: "I unluckily travel with immoderate with bittersweet quality to accidental that Skibadee has passed away. As a household we inquire for immoderate privacy, but whitethorn helium remainder successful peace."

No origin of decease has been given. They later returned to Facebook to convey fans for their messages of support, and to close erroneous reports of their father's age.

"I americium highly heartbroken with this bittersweet quality and inactive successful shock," they added.

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