Download DNB DAY: I congratulate all drum and bass people on our holiday, World Drum and Bass Day... 17.04 = 174BPM

DNB DAY: I congratulate all drum and bass people on our holiday, World Drum and Bass Day... 17.04 = 174BPM

Всех драмнбэйс людей поздравляю с нашим праздником, всемирным днём DrumandBass...
17 февраля 2021 года группа неравнодушных британских любителей ломаных битов The Blast UK распространила по всему миру петицию о признании 17 апреля Днём DNB!

— Почему именно 17 апреля? Не секрет, что апрель – четвёртый месяц в году. Приписываем к числу 17 число 4 и получаем 174BPM удара в минуту – распространенная скорость треков нашей любимой музыки. Всё просто!
— Петицию одобрили джанглисты по всему миру, а одними из первых её подписали UKF и Hospitality. Пошла жара, и теперь каждый год 17 апреля все ценители драм энд бэйса собираются на тематических вечеринках и празднуют важную дату!

I congratulate all drum and bass people on our holiday, World Drum and Bass Day... 17.04 = 174BPM
On February 17, 2021, The Blast UK, a group of caring British broken beat fans, circulated a petition around the world to recognize April 17 as DNB Day!
— Why April 17th? It's no secret that April is the fourth month of the year. We attribute the number 4 to the number 17 and we get 174 beats per minute - the common speed of the tracks of our favorite music. Everything is simple!
— The petition was approved by junglers around the world, and among the first to sign it was UKF and Hospitality. The heat has gone, and now every year on April 17 all connoisseurs of drum and bass gather at theme parties and celebrate an important date!

Drum & Bass Day
Drum and bass are the most popular and liked Genres in Electronic music. It is a perfect choice of music for dance, celebration, parties, and most important for the concert. They are the boost to music which gives the thump and beat to dance our feet. There is no music lover ever in the world who hates a drum roll and bass on music. It is like a drug that takes you on a trip to the land of music. In the upcoming article, let’s see about the history, how to celebrate, and more about the day.

What is Drum & Bass?
It is electronic music that can turn any music into a dancing number. It can blend well with all genres of music and make it more upbeat music. Bass is like a dope for music that makes your heart pound and makes the environment more enthusiastic. Even melodious music can be converted to a rocking one with the inclusion of Drum & Bass in it. If you don’t believe me, here is an example that creates an unlimited change over on Moonlight Sonata by Giscard Rasquin and Ludwig van Beethoven.

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