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Zen, a skilled producer and DJ from Fulham, London, began listening to hardcore at school at the tender age of 13 years old, listening to legends such as “The Prodigy”, “Altern-8” and “Shut up and Dance Records”.

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He began buying records at the age of 15 from Blackmarket Records, Section 5, not forgetting Unity Records. Soon after, he started saving up and got hold of his first pair of Technics 1210’s along with a mixer. From here on, he taught himself to mix, becoming confident enough to start recording and sending out his own mix tapes. He continued to spend his entire wages from his part time job on records, finding himself out of cash at the end of every week, but this was to pay off in the long run.

In 1995, Zen met Lee Greenaway AKA Twisted Individual on local pirate radio station Shadow FM. Lee was producing at home on his PC back then and inspired Zen to create his own music. Whilst at University, in between studying graphic design and spending many nights under the influence, Zen decided to put his student loan money to good use and bought himself a PC. He got hold of all the software and hardware required and was finally in business and ready to start making tunes. By now Lee had started Grid Recordings, and took on most of Zen’s early work including Illusions, Tentacle, Jazz Drive, Cyclone, Mind frame and Turn Style (also later re-worked by Baron), tunes that were going to shape his future productions. Tracks such as Kebab Knife, Monster Munch, Rhubarb’n’Custard, and later productions like the anthem “Hovercraft” together with various consistent and distinctive releases on other imprints earned him respect throughout the scene amongst his peers and idols alike.

Fast forward a few years, Zen took a leap of faith and moved from London to Leicester to work alongside DJ SS and the Formation Records camp. This was the home of Twisted Individual & G Dub at the time and they both had studios above the legendary record shop 5HQ. After hearing Zen’s earlier material SS offered Zen studio space alongside Twisted Individual and G Dub. The energy and vibe was electric and this translated into a barrage of amazing releases from all artists, and looking back defined the sound of that era.

All this activity earnt Zen a nomination for Best Newcomer Producer at the Accelerated Culture Awards 2004, a sure sign of a rising star. On the up with nominations, appearances in Knowledge Magazine, various interviews, reviews, guest features on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1Xtra & Kiss 100, as well as a healthy international DJ schedule, it seemed Zen was making an impact with his unique raw yet polished sound.

In 2010 Zen joined forces with Playaz / Ganja camp resident Crystal Clear, writing several tracks together including the club anthems “Heavy” and “Bullet”. They gained quick support and proved to have a killer combination of catchy grooves and raw dance floor energy.

Releases on Grid Recordings, Zombie, Formation Records & Ganja Records, as well as releases on his own signature label “Flip Audio” would leave a back catalogue that is extensive to say the least.

Zen has gained full support over the years from the likes of Andy C, Grooverider, DJ SS, Roni Size, Brockie, Bryan Gee, Crissy Criss, Nicky Blackmarket, Pendulum, DJ Marky and DJ Hype to name few, cementing his sound firmly within the world of Drum & Bass.

He has DJ’ed in venues all around the globe, places like the USA, Canada, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, France, Portugal, Poland, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Belgium…plus many more.

Zen continues to make music and his musical journey is far from over, so be sure to follow all the social media links on this site for releases under Zen’s House Music alias “Zenoko” and future releases for Zen.

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  • Sonic Syndicate - Start a War (Zardonic Remix)
  • Twisted Individual - Greatest Hits! LP
  • Don Diablo - FOREVER [Album]
  • Justice & Metro - Roll Outs LP
  • Twisted Individual — B Sides, Stinkers & Hits You Slept On Vol. 2 [Album] 2018
  • In:most - Voyager (SV065)
  • 3 Thieves & A Liar - Feel So Good / Hold Tight
  • Section, Kumarachi - Start A Fire (EP) 2018
  • VA - Back to Jungle, Vol. 2 LP (Pt. 1) (FORMLP025D)
  • Pirate Station Radio 02-12-2020 / 07-12-2020 (Mixes)
  • Jay Cunning - 1992 Old Skool Hardcore Uncovered [Part #4]
  • Interview ZARDONIC for
  • DJ Business / Inta Section - Reggae Lick / Ring A Ling
  • EQ - The Graphic Remixes
  • VA - Slam Jams, Vol. 2 [HHANDS013]
  • Dion Timmer - Arcane (Album) (SUB147)
  • Digitist - HOT GARBAGE EP
  • Muffler - Glitch In The System (UNI024)
  • VA - Tunes From The Tombs: Drum & Bass Vol. 1 2012
  • VA - Orange Tag EP (GOODCHILL001)
  • BCee - This Time Next Year (SPEAR170CD)
  • DJ Pooch - Live For The Future / How It Started
  • MISS MANTS — Exclusive mix for Revolution Breakz (24-07-2015)
  • Droma & James Timms - Hold Up EP [VMRDT134]
  • Drimuzz - Forgotten Sketches, Pt. 1
  • DJ Monk - Hold Me / Dreams
  • VA - THE SHORTLIST: DJ Marky 2021
  • Calyx & TeeBee - Quest Mix / BBC Radio 1 (02.11.2016)

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