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Get bass music FRESH BASS RELEASES » Drum and Bass » Random Movement - PODCAST 110 (Best #DNB 2019)

Genre: liquid funk, drum and bass, Intelligent
Release date: 20/03/2019
Format: MP3, 320 kbps
Zippy: 225 Mb
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Выпуск ежемесячного драм энд басс подкаста от Рэндом Мувемент! Всё самое лучшее из мира драм н бэйс музыки собрал Рэндом специально для вас!

Smizzy — The Alchimist (HumaNature Remix)
Echo B — Lost In You
Bungle — Automated
Bou — Fox Trot
Confusious — Only One For You
Whiney — Spheres feat. Keeno & Pippa Violets (Polaris Remix)
Random Movement — Lake Escape (Flite Remix)
A Sides — Take Flight
Random Movement — Back In My Life (Jaybee Remix)
Danny Byrd — Starting It Over feat. Hannah Symons (Turno Remix)
Echo B — Sun Summons
Bou — Wine Ya B
Circuits — Berlin Outfit
OaT — Bittersweet
Circuits — Euphoria Part 1
Jazzatron — Already Made
Method One — Stomping Grounds
Roominsky — 1996
Bou & Stompz — The Abyss
Terrence & Phillip — Underground Sounds (Instrumental)
Echo B — Like New
Petroll & Arch Origin — Floating
Lenzman — Roseland
Echo B — What They Say
Lenzman — Blu Life feat. Artificial Intelligence
Conrad Subs — Solitare
S.P.Y — Breathing Underwater
HumaNature feat. CELO — Stalker
Pangea — Did You Know
Kumarachi & Sedo — Frog Belch
Lenzman — My Heart
Subsid — Satisfied

How many times can the power go out during the recording of a mix? Try 4 times. FOUR. TIMES.
A true labor of love. And yes, I used the Circuits tune from the last podcast again because its GREAT, so no boo-hoo’in.

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