Download Hugh Hardie - Colourspace (LP) 2017

Style: Liquid funk, Drum and Bass
Release date: 26.05.2017
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Zippy: 137 Mb
Label: Hospital

1. Hugh Hardie - Love Troubles
2. Hugh Hardie - She Moves (feat. GLXY, 3-Card, Zoe Phillips)
3. Hugh Hardie - Dusty Keys
4. Hugh Hardie - Emerald City (feat. Pola & Bryson)
5. Hugh Hardie - Talk the Talk (feat. Dan Stezo)
6. Hugh Hardie - Shades of Blue (feat. Kimani)
7. Hugh Hardie - Camera Obscura (feat. Maverick Soul)
8. Hugh Hardie - Reflection
9. Hugh Hardie - Distance
10. Hugh Hardie - Viridian
11. Hugh Hardie - Fireflies
12. Hugh Hardie - Sound System Dub
13. Hugh Hardie - Closeness

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Hugh Hardie's smooth moving, funk and soul-spirited drum & bass has been making waves since he signed exclusively to leading D+B imprint Hospital Records in 2014. The Cambridge-born turned Bristol-living producer has been a busy man since his popular 'City Soul' EP. Now his growing repertoire is only getting bigger with his highly anticipated debut long player 'ColourSpace' that's filled with liquid rollers, jazzy riffs and feel-good flavours.

Staying true to that funk and soul delivery are tracks 'Love Troubles' and 'She Moves' - feat. up and comers GLXY - with rising drums and full-bodied basslines. Another collaborative effort comes from Shogun Audio signees Pola & Bryson in 'Emerald City' with sweetening doubled-up melodies and lush liquid roll-outs.

Diving into deeper D+B spaces, 'Talk The Talk' and 'Closeness' bring a cosmic energy to the mix. 'Camera Obscura' ft Maverick Soul highlights Hugh's passion for percussions in parallel with 'Shades Of Blue' that touches on micro funk movements with clicky drums bringing a more minimalistic nature than Hugh's regular rhythms.

For several years, Hugh has been making regular appearances across Europe and the UK for the world-renowned events brand Hospitality and is no stranger to lighting up packed dance-floors no matter the venue size. This summer you can catch him drawing from his collection at Glastonbury festival, Secret Garden Party and Sun & Bass, to name a few.

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