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Style: Drum and Bass, Liquid funk
Released: 28.07.2017
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Label: The North Quarter
Cat: NQ003

Ol' Redeyes is back! Usually spotted fraternising and flexing on his own Vandal imprint, here Lenzman invites him to the North Quarter for the first artist-signed EP... And he doesn't disappoint. Once again it's an extended affair as the Toulouse talent weaves and glides us through the hip-hop/D&B conscious. From the smoky Cali-style "100 Porsches To The Stars" to the glistening strings and unhurried golden rolls of "We Were Kings" by way of overwhelmingly soulful "Keep On". Another genuine gem from Leiden.

1. Redeyes - Intro feat. Signs and DJ Rockid
2. Redeyes - True Colours feat. SKS and Black Josh
3. Redeyes - My Friend
4. Redeyes - In My Life
5. Redeyes - 100 Porsches to the Stars feat. Hus Kingpin
6. Redeyes - Keep On feat. GLXY and Tyler Daley
7. Redeyes - In My Life [Refix]
8. Redeyes - We Were Kings feat. Lenzman and Luce
9. Redeyes - Outro
10. Redeyes - True Colours feat. SKS [Instrumental]
11. Redeyes - Keep On feat. GLXY [Instrumental]
12. Redeyes - We Were Kings feat. Lenzman [Instrumental]

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