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Get bass music FRESH BASS RELEASES » Drum and Bass » NOISIA / Noisia Radio S03E49 (06-12-2017)

Style: Drum and Bass
Release date: 06-12-2017
Format: MP3
Quality: 192 kbps
Size: 82 Mb
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New music from our own imprints in the shape of ‘Eddy Morphine’ by Chee and ‘Dead Communications’ by Current Value, Dean Rodell & Lockjaw. More new music by 1991, Mefjus & Icicle, Disprove, and ChaseR. All this and more things.

Chee - Eddy Morphine [DIVISION]
Noisia - Straight Hook [VISION]
Sub Zero & Dj Limited - The Cure [PLAYAZ]
The Upbeats - Hold Down [CRITICAL]
1991 - Dun Kno [1991]
Noer The Boy - The Birds (Woolymammoth x Tsuruda Remix) [LIQUID AMBER]
Mefjus & Icicle - Efficient [ENTROPY]
Monty - Ectoplasm [FLEXOUT]
Disprove - Automatic [METHLAB]
Jimmy Pe - Robotic Trip [SATURATE]
Kumarachi - Back To You [CRITICAL BINARY]
Neonlight - Critical State (Agressor Bunx Remix) [BLACKOUT]
RedPill - Discipline VIP [BAD TASTE]
ChaseR - Phantasm [IGNESCENT]
Structure - Slipstream [SOULVENT]
Current Value Ft. Dean Rodell & Lockjaw - Dead Communication [INVISIBLE]
Loadstar - Link to The Past Ft. Xample & Lomax [RAM]
The Stratta - Reflector [LISTENER SUBMISSION]
Redeyes & Signs - Only For A Moment [31RECORDS]
Audeka & Rawtekk - Dark Energy [METHLAB]

Новый выпуск серии еженедельных подкастов трио и основателей лейбла Vision Recordings - Noisia.

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