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Get bass music FREE DOWNLOAD MP3 TORRENT. » Drum and Bass » Jaybee, Dave Owen - Sacrifice EP

Style: Drum and Bass
Release date: 2.4.2018
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Mac 2 Digital

1. Jaybee, Dave Owen - Grimey Shit
2. Jaybee, Dave Owen - Sacrifice
3. Jaybee, Dave Owen - F--K Off (Vice Principles Remix)

Randall knows what time it is. Not just in the UK but stateside too as he continues to rep and support some of the US's most authentic and clued-up junglists Jaybee and Dave Owen. Here they hit hard with some of their gulliest flavours to date: "Grimey Shit" nods at the KOTR/Benny L style of foghorn bass, "Sacrifice" gets even more twisted with a cyclical bass drone and some impeccable amen work while the rather sweary cockney free-for-all "F**k Off" mops up the mess with a heads-down techy edge. Perfectly on-point.


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