Download Dexcell - The Shed Cast EP001 - 003 (2018)

Styles: Drum and Bass, Liquid funk
Size: 435 Mb
Format & Quality: mp3, 320kbps
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Как оказалось, у парней из Dexcell, помимо сезонных миксов, теперь есть еще и свой подкаст. Первые три выпуска Енджой!

Dexcell - The Shed Cast EP001 Tracklist
DJ Patife & Vangeliez Ft. MC DRS - "Ain't That Bad"
Dexcell - "Without You" (Anile Remix)
DJ Limited - "Last Night"
Camo & Krooked - "Last Of The Tribe" (Break Remix)
Aperio & Mindfield - "Seasons Changing"
Ray Keith - "Terrorist Vs Limb By Limb" (Aries Remix)
Zero Zero - "Dangerous"
Edlan Ft Joan De Bruyne - "Lone Pine" (Macca Remix)
Felix Raymon - "Naughty"
Arkaik - "Time Lapse"
MC Coppa Ft. Dexcell - "Reasons To Survive"

In:Most Guest Mix

Dexcell - The Shed Cast EP002 Tracklist
Pendulum - "Hold Your Colour" (Noisia Remix)
Klinical - "Africa"
Dexcell Ft. Charlotte Haining - "Closer VIP"
GLXY Ft. MC DRS - "These Lights"
R1C0 - "Artificial Light"
Mampi Swift - "The One" (InsideInfo Remix)
Rizzle - "Teachings"
Monrroe - "Easier This Way"
M.I.S.T - "Outerspace"
LSB - "Drifting"
Invadhertz Ft. LaMeduza - "Bullet"

Aperio Guest Mix

Dexcell - The Shed Cast EP003 Tracklist
Dossa & Locuzzed - Shag VIP
Dexcell Ft. Pat Fulgoni - "Scattered Memories" (Technimatic Remix)
Visages - "Damas"
Chrizz0r - "Huracan"
Octo Pi - "Wide Awake"
Low:r & Orion - "Ophelia"
Thandi Phoenix - "My Way" (Ulterior Motive Remix)
BertH & HumaNature - “Blackhouse"
Commix & Steve Spacek “How You Gonna Feel”
Circuits - "Resistor"
Unglued - "Chicken In A Spacesuit"

Arch Origin Guest Mix


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