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Dj Gvozd — Пиратская Станция 869 (22-05-2018)

Style: Drum and Bass
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Эфир: Record Club 869 выпуск Pirate Station "Пиратская Станция" Пиратская Станция зовет с собой в новое музыкальное приключение в стиле drumandbass! Весенне-летняя коллекция пригодных для жизни в танце треков-самородков и по-настоящему ограненных алмазов украшает этот выпуск! Следуй за нами!

Пиратская Станция!

1.Calyx & TeeBee - Intravenous (Ram)
2.Indivision Kasger - Cascades (Subsphere)
3.Flowidus - Your Way (Elevate)
4.Blue Marble - Visions (Marble)
5.Keeno Whiney - Sweetest Sin (Subsphere)
6.Fox Stevenson - Glue Gun (Liquicity)
7.Stan Sb - Anyone Out There (Susphere)
8.Dimension - Whip Slap II(Mta)
9.DjSS - Bring The Noise (Formation dub)
10.Two State - Skink (Shedule One)
11.Ephyum - Mystics (Abducted Ltd)
12.Doctrine - Parabol (Ram)
13.Paranoiac Del - We Create Breaking Beats (Respect dub)
14.Onebyone - Game Over (Onebyone)
15.Mob Tactics - Hold Yuh Grounds (Mob Tactics)
16.Mob Tactics - Juiced (Mob Tactics)
17.SLK - Impulse (SLK dub)
18.Paranoiac Del - Meds (Respect dub)
19.Icicle & Proxima feat Ben Verse - Outer Planes (Entropy Music)
20.Stoner - Neurohack (Neu)
21.Psyek - First I Drop The Bass Then I Drop Your Moms Panties (Defmuted)
22.Two State - Robust (Shedule One)
23.Majestim - Airlock (Rustout)
24.Koherent - Ugh (Dispatch Ltd)
25.Dslr - Dim Street Light (Dslr)
26.Lno - Gang (Lost)
27.Two State feat Stranjah - Beasting (Shedule One) Sly- Where Are You (Higher Stakes)
29.Filthy Habits - Big Bang Theory (High R8 Digital)
30.Zeba - ET (Dub Voltage)
31.Jack The Ripper & Woodz - Get Your Own Groove ( Cre8Dnbmusic)
32.Masker - Blue Mondays (Audio Danger)
33.Bladerunner - Electric Dreams (Hi Resolution) Hybrid - Stand Up (Deep In The Jungle)
35.Hamilton - Shut Up (Ram)
36.Benny V & K Warren - Feel The Fire (Bladerunner remix) (Dance Concept)
37.Euphonique & Kelvin 373 - Hot Spliff (Deep In The Jungle)
38.Spirit - Intoxication (Dispatch)
39.Dkay Kasra - Babylon (DKay music)
40.Phase and Villem - Cut Em Loose (Vandal)
41.Muwookie - For Jane (Liquid Flavours)
42.Oliver Ferrer - Looking For Someone (Innerground)
43.Payback - Loved Ones (Smooth N Groove)
44.Talking Drums feat. Cassandra Sarkady - Take Me Home (Sleep Less Uk)
45.Order Of Elim - Celestial (Patrol The Skies)
46.Roygreen and Protone feat Robbe - Arbitrary (Future Retro)
47.Mayforms - Fly (Diskool)


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