Download Fanu - Valoton Project [Album] 2018

Style: Drum and Bass, Breakbeat
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Release date: 18-06-2018
Label: Lightless

Finnish breakbeat master Fanu travels the paths less trodden with a new album that deviates from what you might expect. An artist willing to be in the game for the long run needs to evolve and expand, and this is how. Expect the unexpected. The album was mostly written during the dark Finnish winter hours. Musical escapism therapy at its best. Hence the name, 'Valoton'' (Finnish for "Lightless")".

Fanu - Formant
Fanu - The Dancer
Fanu - Endlessly
Fanu - A Moment in You
Fanu - Black Circle
Fanu, Ane Brun - Taivaita Ja Tarinoita
Fanu - Parade
Fanu - PitkΣ Uni
Fanu - Chafed



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