Download Vital Link - Jungle Nights | Being Human [EP] 2018

Vital Link - Jungle Nights | Being Human [EP] 2018

Style: Drum and Bass
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Release date: 18-06-2018
Label: Hazardous Musik

Vital Link - Jungle Nights
Vital Link - Being Human



Leeroy Silk's Vital Link project makes their debut on Hazardous Musik with two foundation-focused jungle workouts. Vital by name, vital by nature, both cuts balance raw rusted-blade breaks and true soul elements as "Jungle Night" fog-horns every ounce of good spirit from your soul with overlayered MC calls, rampant drums and rising cosmic chords while "Being Human" ups the rhythm's robustness with pure pneumatic breaks while an ethereal hook shoots us up to the stars and back with subtlety. Close your eyes and you could well be back in 1994...

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