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Download Ceph - First Blood EP mp3

Style Drum and Bass, Jump up
Released 29/09/2014
Quality MP3 320 kbps
Label G13
Nr# G13026

⦁ Ceph — Blood Todd 4:29
⦁ Ceph — Droidek Spawn 4:39
⦁ Ceph — Concentrate 4:32
⦁ Ceph — Sweeneys Revenge 4:34
⦁ Ceph — She Has Seen Me 4:32


Rowney & Propz unveil another new signing to G13, Russian wonder kid Ceph!! Only 18 years old, Ceph has the making of a big future talent, when he first messaged the lads, it was immediately clear they had discovered something special. Currently gaining status and popularity, Ceph is a name to watch and this EP shows exactly why! The 1st track 'Blood Todd' is a raw slice of jump up dirt with aggressive bass tones and vocoded crushed samples, this is one hell of a war riddim! The track 'Droidek Spawn' was the track that made Rowney & Propz' ears prick up, technical sounds, bleeps and versatile bass leads make it stand out differently from typical jump up, Ceph has a unique process to making D&B!! 'Concentrate' is a robotic menace with delayed steppy bass sounds and glitchy fx and vocals, a real showcase of Ceph's crazy production skills and Original ideas. 'Sweeney's Revenge' drops with a sinister vocal and swarming lead sound, a proper vicious rolling track, this is a perfect DJ tool for Jump Up and Tech DJs alike. Breaking up the EP Ceph shows his deeper sound with cool roller 'She Has Seen Me', a warm bass led track with minimal drums and bubbly fill in fx, a proper touch of class to it. The G13 boys predict big things for Ceph and are delighted to release his first EP, keep your ears to the ground this is just the beginning!

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