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Style Drum and bass, Jungle
Released 27/10/2014
Format MP3,320kbps
Label V Recordings
Type Compilation

Roni Size — "Kiss" 5:31
DJ Die — "Soul" 5:58
Scorpio — "Trouble" 8:18
Krust — "Set Speed" 6:17
Roni Size, DJ Die — "The Calling" 5:47
Krust — "Poison" 6:00
DJ SUV — "Invaders" 10:16
Roni Size — "Silent Partner (Run)" 7:11
Trinity — "Picture on the Wall" 6:13
Q Project — "Blood Money" 6:10
Ed Rush, Optical — "Funktion" 7:34
Calyx — "Fusion" 7:45
Trinity — "My Love Is True" 5:22
Krust — "Not Necessarily a Man" 7:49
Roni Size, DJ SUV — "Soul Power" 5:51
Roni Size — "Box of Tricks" 6:13
Lemon D — "Get on Down (DJ Die Remix)" 6:59
17 / 1:55:14

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V Recordings presents Retrospect Volume 4. A brand new collection of Jungle / Drum and Bass classics handpicked by head honcho DJ Bryan Gee. 17 scene shaping tracks from the likes of Roni Size, DJ Die, Trinity (aka Dillinja), Ed Rush & Optical, DJ Krust, and more. From the hardcore rumblings of Roni Size's 1993 'Kiss' to DJ Die's speaker popping remix of Lemon D's 'Get On Down' from 2003 this collection spans 10 years charting the evolution of one of the most influential labels in the genre.

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