Download Kung - Devil's Finger EP

Kung - Devil's Finger EP

Style: Drum and Bass, Neurofunk
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Date: 10/11/2014
Label: Eatbrain

• Kung, Aeph — Wozthys (Original Mix) 4:59
• Kung — Zyklon (Original Mix) 4:51
• Kung — Flux State (Original Mix) 5:15
• Kung — Devil's Finger (Original Mix) 5:17

Eatbrain is back with a vengeance. This time around, Jade's quickly rising neurofunk label features the enigma known as KUNG. All at once infamous and elusive, KUNG has managed to retain a reputation as one of neurofunk drum & bass' most exciting producers while maintaining a relatively low profile for the last few years. His tenacity in the studio and unique musical vision have made KUNG's label debut - Devil's Finger EP - one of Eatbrain's most highly anticipated releases to date. KUNG leads off with the dancefloor-killer 'Wozthys' - a high energy collaboration feat. studio-mate and Lifted Music big gun Aeph. Sophisticated harmonies and pleasing aural textures collide with warped elastic bass in 'Wozthys', twisting and turning listeners into submission. It's one of those tracks that keeps you on your toes - rhythmic switch-ups and unexpected melodic variations are abound, constantly exploring new territory. The titular 'Devil's Finger' is classic Kung - pushing the limits with widely varied palate of drum rhythms and plastic bass, after first priming the ears with a symphony of uplifting synths and vocoded voices. Kung doesn't relent with the EP's other outings - Zyklon and Flux State continue to raise the pressure, with frantic bass modulations and surgically intricate drum programming the norm. It is Eatbrain's pleasure to welcome KUNG to the roster - a premier neurofunk technician with a bright future ahead. Cop the Devil's Finger EP before you get left in the dust.

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