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Download Psidream, Pacific - The Edge EP mp3

Style Drum and Bass, Neurofunk
Released 24/11/2014
Quality MP3 320 kbps
Label Nightfall UK
Nr# NFALL009

⦁ Psidream, Pacific — The Edge (Original Mix) 4:38
⦁ Psidream, Pacific — Not The Future (Original Mix) 4:44
⦁ Pacific — Take Me Away (Original Mix) 5:43
⦁ Psidream, Pacific — Chain Breaker (Original Mix) 4:49
⦁ Psidream, Pacific — Tunnel Rat (Original Mix) 4:50
⦁ Psidream, Pacific — Into The Sun (Original Mix) 5:12
6 / 29:52


Have you ever wondered what it would sound like to be hunted by a grizzly bear in a furious thunderstorm? Or what would be playing through your earbuds as you walked through a dead city at the end of time? Psidream and Pacific answer these questions, and more, with the release of The Edge, the new EP on the production duo's home label Nightfall Recordings. Prepare yourself for six tracks of relentless neurofunk Drum and Bass that form the soundtrack to a dystopian future, where surgical beats collide with twisted basslines and haunted melodies.

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