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Download M1Te - Late Night Stories EP mp3

Style Drum and bass, Deep-Dnb, Liquid-funk
Released 1/12/2014
Quality MP3 320 kbps
Label Phuzion Digital
Nr# PZD0049

⦁ M1te — Bittersweet 5:06
⦁ M1te — Can't Forget 5:15
⦁ M1te — Divine 4:46
⦁ M1te — Forgiveness 4:27


M1te - Late Night Stories EP 01 Bittersweet 02 Can't Forget 03 Divine 04 Forgiveness Phuzion Digital are proud to present the debut EP from M1te! Late Night Stories EP by M1te is destined to be an absolute classic! This is pure emotion D&B. Superb production fused with simplicity, M1te brings his own dynamic vibe to the fore. 'Bittersweet' features tight drums patterns, deep haunting vocals and musical synth algorithms to accompany the sub bassline. 'Can't Forget' has a beautifully crafted rhythm track stepping into a killer pitch-controlled bassline, subtle tech sounds and a wicked soulful female vocal sample. 'Divine' is all about the gorgeous piano melody and the musical bassline, this is deeper than deep! Rounding off this epic EP is the thought provoking 'Forgiveness', truth speaking female vocals, warp bending bassline synths bringing together a true amalgamation of future sounds and a deep insight into the mind of M1te! There's not many Drum and Bass tracks that can create such emotions, even rarer that an EP caters for such a feat! Headphones on, lights off, play this EP from start to end.... this is pure escapism! Phuzion Digital... Deeper Drum and Bass!

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