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Genre Drum & Bass, Deep-Dnb, Liquid funk, Drumstep
Released 3/07/2020
Quality mp3/320 kbps
Label Deep Dark & Dangerous
Cat DDD066
Truth is on Deep, Dark and Dangerous for an EP that's, well, deep, dark and dangerous. That doesn't quite do the range of sounds and styles on this release full justice, however, as Truth stretches his legs across shuddering halftime, funky jungle and fluid rollers. 'Eyes On Me' is especially delectable, as a haunting vocal sample shimmers up into full view and perches above a juke-influenced, stepping halftime beat that strides out across the full track. 'Heartbreak' is a faster, heavier number that lends some heft to the release, whilst 'Pass Me By' is a lovely, soulful liquid number. This is one for the heads.

Truth, Lelijveld — Pass Me By 4:02
Truth — Without You 4:49
Truth — Eyes on Me 3:28
Truth — Heartbreak 3:57
Truth — Miasma 5:21


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