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Style D&B/Jungle, Uk Hardcore (Rave/Breakbeat)
Released 23/07/2018
Quality mp3/320 kbps
Label Kniteforce
Cat KFCD16
Kniteforce Radio started less than 18 months ago, but has already established itself and the leading station for all forms of hardcore, gabber, drum and bass, jungle, old skool, and idiocy. Boasting a huge selection of Djs and producers, this album serves as a showcase for the many styles and attitudes that combine to make the entire rave scene what it is. From the experimental works of Scartat and Ponder, to the tradioanl old skool vibes of Ant To Be and Paul Bradley. From legendary producers such as Luna-C and Idelaz, to modern titans of the scene such as Brisk and Sc@r. New artists such as DJ Beeno sit side by side with original junglists such as Alk-e-d. Its a mess. A wonderful, musical mess, and this album fails to make any of it cohesive. Which is exactly as it should be...

20 / 1:48:23
Ant To Be — Special Request (Original Mix) 4:45
Ponder — Videodrome (Original Mix) 4:14
doughboy — Lifetime (Original Mix) 3:53
Scartat — All Up In The Game (Original Mix) 4:53
Dj Beeno — Evolution (Original Mix) 7:10
Paul Bradley — Another Love (Original Mix) 4:37
Dj Deluxe — Floating Around (Original Mix) 5:57
Dave Skywalker — Pandora (Shadowplay & Dave Skywalker Remix) 4:10
Sc@r, Dean P — Different Kind (Original Mix) 6:14
dj patience — Vortex (Hired Gun & Luna-C Remix) 5:21
DJ Brisk — Airhead (S3rl Remix) 5:26
Luna-C, Saiyan — Old Skool Heaven (Old Skool Mix) 6:32
Bustin, Skampy — Blaze It Up (Bucksta Remix) 5:32
Idealz — Monkey Nut (Original Mix) 6:01
Shadowplay — So Much Anger (Original Mix) 6:13
Luna-C — Piano Confusion (DJ Psycangle Remix) 4:58
Dave Skywalker — Takes Me Higher (Original Mix) 7:36
Alk-e-d — Aye Aye (Paul Bradley Remix) 4:58
Clayfighter — Always Forever (Original Mix) 5:46
Dj Genki — Fcuk Unicorns (JAKAZiD Remix) 4:07


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