Download Trei - Empires EP


Style Drum & bass
Released 28/12/2014
Format MP3,320kbps
Label Technique
Nr TECH114

• Trei — Empires 4:54
• Trei — Masquerade 4:59
• Trei — Identity Crisis 4:28
• Trei — Born Killer 5:21


If you've been paying attention, you'll already have been spinning TREi's first Technique excursion, his remix of Digital's “Midnight”, which dropped a few months ago. And you certainly won't have overlooked this New Zealand producer's prolific output on other top-tier labels like Viper, Commercial Suicide and Shogun over the last few years. And with this EP already having chalked up Radio 1 play it's clearly time to focus and see what's up. What's up first is “Empires”. A darkly atmospheric intro draws us in. Then as the low-end sparks into life with gritty sub-troubling textures, combined with an interplanetary siren-song, you know that things are about to get weighty. Then the drop strikes straight to your solar-plexus with the punch of militant drums and raw, serrated bass. This is a call to the soldiers in the dance to mobilise. Then “Masquerade” switches things up. Dropping straight in, fully-formed with an almost deep house flavour set to a drum and bass pulse, this looks set to be a laid-back one for spaced-out ravers to make floaty shapes with their glowsticks. But then there's an edge as TREi brings in some mid-range drive and as the beat kicks back in those ravers are forced to liven up and look sharper. This may be a light-headed and soulful but there's no doubt you're meant to move to this.

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