Download Conrad Subs - Tides LP [NUU017]


Style Jangle, Drum and Bass
Date 14/08/2020
Quality mp3:320 kbps
Label Nuusic
Cat NUU017
Format Album

Conrad Subs has been teasing his next album over the last few weeks and finally it's here, courtesy of Nuusic, and boy what an LP it has turned out to be. Conrad Subs is very confident when it comes to constructing break beats and so it should come as no suprise that they make up a large part of Tides, to excellent effect. 'On a 90s Tip' is an especially potent track, with that classic rave piano sound driving an inch-perfect set of drums and a rolling reece bass. 'Obese' is yet more spectacular stepping sonics, whilst 'Little Vibey Thing' blends R&B vocal infuences with juddering drums and punchy, unforgetablly catchy bass stabs. It's a raw, gritty album and not one to be missed.

1. Conrad Subs - Mercury Rising 6:24
2. Conrad Subs x Redders - I Got Somethin 4:23
3. Conrad Subs - Illusion 5:15
4. Conrad Subs - On A 90s Tip 4:24
5. Conrad Subs - Obese 5:09
6. Conrad Subs - Bump & Grind 5:29
7. Conrad Subs - Rooftops 8:03
8. Conrad Subs - Go It Alone 4:51
9. Conrad Subs x Lady Soul - Conviction 5:21
10. Conrad Subs - Get Hardcore 4:59
11. Conrad Subs - Little Vibey Thing 4:46
12. Conrad Subs - Love Me Tender 5:33
13. Conrad Subs - Superior 5:27
14. Conrad Subs - Tides 6:58


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