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We're excited to team up with Monstercat for a very special edition of UKF On Air: MUZZ presents The Promised Land LIVE - a full live band performance featuring some very special guests.

0:23 - Valhalla
1:16 - Nemesis
5:50 - Start Again
10:10 - Out There (ft. MVE)
15:37 - Born For This
20:32 - Star Glide (ft. Cammie Robinson)
25:41 - Sanctuary
30:50 - Salvation (ft. Bloodhounds)
36:03 - The Warehouse (ft. PAV4N & Miss Trouble)
40:48 - Somewhere Else (ft. Danyka Nadeau)
47:24 - Catharsis (ft. Koven)

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Somewhere Else Live is a much more amazing than it already isss! Damnnnn
Like for real 42:56 this is just an eargasm! And 46:14 againnnnnnn! Fuck yes!
I love this album! All 4 new tracks are also bangers! Like what you did on Born for This. Deep DnB but with a House Beat, sounds really unique and it's so badass! Sanctuary a great Midtempo track with an unexcpected switch to junction seven and the outro on this track is beautiful!! The vocalist on Salvation did an fucking amzing job! Always love screamy vocals and this breakbeat drop really makes this track more a banger, especially the 2ns part of the drop with his vocals again! And then this final drop with this guitar solo, hell yes! That'S what I wanna hear! And the last track is the perfect choice for an outro of an Album! It has these vibes from being the end of a wonderful journey! And a collab between Koven and Muzzy (for me always Muzzy) is an instant phenomenal track! (Worth The Lie being one of my favorite tracks of all time). Katie's vocals on point as always, again going in the midtempo direction which I really enjoy and gives me "Missing" vibes! And then the last drop with her vocals and then the guitar at the end is just so beautiful! Gives me goosebumps! Great Album, the wait was worth it and this Live show was amazing!

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