Download DNB: Dебри 19/09/2020 (C-LeeN ft. Tinkytyn @ DebriFM) слушать онлайн

style Drum and Bass, Neuro-funk
HQ mp3:320 kbps
rar 198 Mb
«Все сеты dnb DJ C-LeeN»

There are tons of souvenirs in this chest. Both smoothbore and rifled! The guest of the program is TINKYTYN (St. Petersburg). in the radio show "Wilds" in this canvas we are assisted by the one who does not know ashes and burns!

1. Ice-O-Later: Subdual
2. Ice-O-Later: Parasite
3. Dead Zodiac: Battalion
4. Dead Zodiac: Shuriken
5. Qkhack: Take Yours
6. DisasZt & The Clamps: Popcorn Machine
7. Ephyum: Black Clouds (Xeomi & Kaiza rmx)
8. Xeomi & Kaiza ft. Xylym: Godlike
9. Ice-O-Later: Cholera
10. Patricia Diallo: Hellalum (Kexit rmx)
11. Thing: Come Again
12. Sector 4: Ritualistic
13. D'cypher: Dancing
14. BorkerBrothers ft. Niila: Never Let You Down
15. Ice-O-Later: Gunman
16. Pendulum: Driver

guest mix by Tinkytyn
17. Scandal: No Liquid (ver. 2)
18. D&B Shamanika: Anthropomorph
19. Phantom Flake: Neocontrol
20. Total Destruction: Ectoplasm
21. Armenez: Embers
22. Trex: The Lucky Ones
23. Surgence: Function
24. Phabiaz: Dark Matter
25. EiZO: Bipolar
26. IMANU & Buunshin: Nagow
27. Danny The Wildchild: Vibrations
28. Pharoah: Better
29. ShockOne: Follow Me
30. L 33: More & More
31. Freqax & Proton Kid: Survive Another Level
32. Ego Trippin: Rudeboy
33. Steampunk: Wasted Youth
34. Monss: Flame On
35. Madface: Claptrap
36. Niterider: The Giggle Bush
37. Black Depth: Cube

38. Sonic Art & If-Read: Cloud Illusion
39. Sonic Art & If-Read: Cloud Illusion (Justice rmx)
40. Sonic Art & If-Read: Cloud Illusion (Necrotype's Storm Cloud rmx)
41. Sonic Art & If-Read: Cloud Illusion (Pageant rmx)
42. Sonic Art & If-Read: Cloud Illusion (Pete Rann rmx)

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