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Style: Drum and Bass
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Date: 27/11/2020
Label: Icarus Audio UK
Cat: ICARUS015

Icarus Audio makes the return to the world of Drum and Bass with some pure funk from the minds of Advance, Jaise, and D-Struct! The Converge EP kicks things off for the label resurgence, giving a nod to all things that are the source of Neurofunk: Past, Present and Future.
The title track "Converge" gets things started with a quick, textured lead before morphing into the purely infectious groove that sticks its nose wherever it wants to. This is one that is sure to keep the pressure on the dancefloor! "Expansion" heats it up again with the stepper vibes and a distinctive, ever-climbing bassline that is nothing short of absolutely DISGUSTING. Don't say you weren't warned! The 3rd tune, "Rumour" keeps it coming with the nod to traditional funk grooves and new mix techniques. With slick drums and a bubbling bassline, this one is sure to give the bounce each and every time. And lastly, "Meridian" polishes this one off with a tip-of-the-hat, honoring the sounds that influenced these producers from when they all started their musical journey. Deep and evolving, this one has a mood all of its own and delivers quality in each and every way.

• Advance, Jaise, D-Struct - Converge (Orignal Mix) 5:15
• Advance, Jaise, D-Struct - Expansion (Orignal Mix) 5:14
• Advance, Jaise, D-Struct - Rumour (Orignal Mix) 5:20
• Advance, Jaise, D-Struct - Meridian (Orignal Mix) 5:15

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