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Style: Drum&Bass, Jump up
Year: 4/01/2021
HQ: MP3 320kbps
Label: Hazardous Musik
Cat: HZM048

Hazardous Muzik always deliver tough, urban-edged sonics that doesn't prance around or act fancy, they just get down and dirty. Gappa G has delivered exactly that here, with a single of moody tones and no-nonsense drum lines. 'Pass Thru' is a perfect example of said drums, with impossibly clean hits and a clear sense of space and progression, its bass stabs are almost shadowed out. 'Faded' is the more futuristic, with a deep back end and seriously cool vocal touches that lend it a warmer feel. Wicked.

Gappa G, Tobias — Pass Thru (VIP Mix) 4:51
Gappa G — Faded 4:06

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