Download Conrad Subs - Glory (LNDB052)

Conrad Subs - Glory (LNDB052)

Style: Drum&Bass, Jump Up, Jungle
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Date: 15/01/2021
Label: LionDub International
Cat: LNDB052

Review: 'Glory' glory hallelujah, we're barely a week into 2021 and Conrad Subs has already dropped a humungous EP on our laps. Coming via the ever-consistent and check-on-sight label Liondub International, it's a full-spectrum exploration as the Ipswich artist digs deep across the board. 'Higher & Higher' starts us off on a deeper note before 'Glory' goes all in with a raw, rough Dread-style sound before 'Ultron' straps us into a rocket and shoots us beyond the known galaxy. Wrapping up the EP we have the techno influenced 'Scatter' and the cheekiest, junglised head-chopper of the set: 'Murda Style'. Killer material.

Conrad Subs — Higher & Higher 4:59
Conrad Subs — Glory 4:56
Conrad Subs — Ultron 4:28
Conrad Subs — Scatter 5:10
Conrad Subs — Murda Style (feat. Speaker Louis) 5:14


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