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Style: Drum and bass, Jungle
Release date: 21-May-2015
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Size: 120 Mb

A DJ studio 3 Deck Mix and Mash Up of lots of Tunes, New, VIPs, Specials, Classics and Current.

1. DJ Sly ft Capo ‘Ackee & Saltfish’ DJ Aphro SpecialL
2. DJ Aphrodite feat. Rah Digga ‘Put a Cut On It’
3. Dextone ‘Don’t Need You’
4. Prototypes ‘Pop It Off’
5. 2DB ‘Check Out The Bounce’
6. Flux Pavillion ‘International Anthem’ - Exclusive DJ Aphrodite remix
7. Calling The People Acapella - Chaka Demus ‘Spirit’
8. Dreadzone ‘Fire In The Dark’ Bazil remix
9. Voltage ‘How It Should Be Done’
10. Phace ‘Monochrome’
11. Safire ‘Shinobi’
12. DJ Aphrodite ‘Twilight’
13. Leveler ‘Get Noisy’ Jaydan remix
14. DJ Aphrodite ‘Assignment Space’
15. Matrix and Futurebound ‘Glow Worm’
16. Kronology ‘Submerge’
17. Drumsound and Bassline Smith ‘Primitive’
18. DJ Aphrodite ‘Acid To The Sound’
19. Misanthrop ‘I Need It More’
20. L Plus ‘Red Planet’
21. EPMD ‘Get Wit This’ Acapella
22. Doctrine ‘The Grudge’
23. Tantrum Desire ‘Oblivion’
24. Neonlight & Wintermute ‘Influx’
25. DJ Aphrodite ‘Darkside 99’
26. Andy C ‘Heartbeat’
27. TC ‘1st Of The Year’
28. DJ Phantasy & Dextone ‘No Way Out’
29. Sketch & Code Ft Kim Nile ‘Evolution’
30. Smooth ‘Black Hole’
31. Section & Livewire feat. Junior Red ‘Stop, Drop & Roll’
32. DJ West ‘Illusionist’
33. Neonlight ‘Insomnia’
34. Prototypes ‘City Of Gold’
35. Heist ‘90% Rusk’
36. DJ Aphrodite ‘Underworld’
37. Divine Elements ‘Drive’
38. DJ Sly and Capo - Running
39. Divine Elements ‘Shut em Down’
40. Levela Ft Jasmine ‘Give Me More’
41. Blackley ‘Intension’
42. Heist ‘Its Got Teeth’
43. DJ Aphrodite ‘Beautiful Dub’

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