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Download No Patterns - Bamboo EP [MONK030] mp3

Style: Drum and Bass, Jump up, Jungle
Out: 5/4/2021
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Label: Monk Audio UK
Cat# MONK030

No Patterns — Bamboo 4:24
No Patterns — Response 4:28
No Patterns — The Breakdown 4:24
No Patterns — Depth Charge 4:40


Review: No Patterns is back on the speeding train that is jump-up and dancefloor dnb and once more, he's proven adept at bringing to the fore some forward-thinking sounds in that regard. He's a name we know and 'Response' is certainly a promising sign. Glitchy and with a satisfying sense of lagged out travel, this tune certainly bites hard but it does so in a fresh, unique manner. The highlight through is 'The Breakdown', which possesses a futuristic, other-worldly feeling to its crunching bassline and neurofunk-esque progression. 'Depth Charge' is step-up in sophistication and nastiness, a snappy, stepping drum line pushing up into its metallic bottom line, this one is a proper creeper. Big work.

2020 was a year where Monk Audio introduced many new artists to their roster and one of these fantastic names was Callum Burman aka No Patterns.
No Patterns is a producer who has built his name on gully riddims and funky flows, this man knows how to get a crowd dancing. He returns to Monk Audio to follow up on last year’s ‘Feel It’ EP with his latest offering ‘Bamboo’. Over the past couple of years, No Patterns has been honing his style and craft into a sound that is indescribably his. This release aims to cover a wide selection of Drum & Bass rollers with an array of weapons ready for the dancefloor.

The title track and our premiere ‘Bamboo’ has soothing jazz influences and breakdowns that will make you reminisce over all those missed festival sunsets and good times with friends as the lights turn low and the chaos begins. Next up ‘The Breakdown’ does what it says on the tin, building the tension until it snaps and rolls and tumbles through the system. ‘Depth Charge’ and ‘Response’ round out the release with subby wobbles and steppy drums that get us itching for a big night out.

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