Download VA — Strictly Business by DJ RANDALL (Deluxe Edition) [LP] 2015

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Style Jungle, Drum&Bass
Released 08/07/2015
Quality MP3/320kbps
Label Stone Villager

Time for an update on a real drum and bass classic. DJ Randall's "Strictly Business" came into being in 1997, right in the heart of the drum and bass wonder years. Packed with legendary tunes that have been heard in every reputable club since 170 bpm became the place to be, this is an 18-track lesson in how things should be done. Offered up Originally during a time when DJs like Dillinja, Grooverider and Goldie were enjoying an uprising in underground dance music, this LP was a revelation, providing off the wall beats and intriguing musical textures as well as hard hitting bass. This deluxe edition offers each track separately as well as a full continuous mix - just like the Original release.

• Cool Hand Flex;Chris Energy — Like Dis (Original Mix) 5:38
• Dextrous;Teebone;The Dream Team — Top Gun (The Dream Team Remix) 6:26
• Teebone;DJ Stretch;Tom & Jerry — Shaolin Style VIP (Tom & Jerry Remix) 5:42
• Teebone — Strumming Dubs VIP (Original Mix) 6:18
• Teebone — The Bugle (Original Mix) 5:20
• Krome & Time — Chill (Original Mix) 6:18
• DJ Randall — Hard Noize (Original Mix) 6:08
• Fusion Forum — Can't Take No More (Original Mix) 5:42
• Leon Mar — Passing Phases (Original Mix) 5:36
• Teebone;DJ Stretch — Operating Correctly (Original Mix) 6:16
• Dextrous;Teebone — Keep It Real (Original Mix) 5:34
• Shy FX — Amazing (Original Mix) 7:00
• DJ Rap — Raw (Original Mix) 5:32
• DJ Kane — Bruton (Original Mix) 5:24
• Kenny Ken — Physical Battle (Original Mix) 6:40
• MC GQ;Teebone — Rollin Inside (Original Mix) 5:42
• Teebone;MC Fats — Don't Take The Sh** (Original Mix) 5:52
• Goldie;Tek 9 — Hornet 127 (Original Mix) 12:09
• DJ Randall — Strictly Business (Continuous Dj Mix) 1:04:26


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