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Download Riya - Sublimation (Album) [SPEAR063] mp3

Style: Drum and bass, Liquid funk, Vocal dnb
Release: 7/8/2015
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Label: Spearhead
Cat# SPEAR063

tracks 14 / 1:12:54
Riya, Villem, McLeod — Lost Friends 3:45
Riya, Total Science, Maverick Soul, Frank H Carter III — Confessions 5:01
Riya, Hybrid Minds, Bcee, Bladerunner — Misunderstood 4:53
Riya, Villem, McLeod — Wears Me Down 4:52
Riya, Emperor, Collette Warren — Piece of Me 6:14
Riya, Total Science, Fox, GQ — Don't You Know 5:33
Riya, Enei — You or Me 5:28
Riya, Villem, McLeod — I Never Knew 4:35
Riya, Break — I Don't Need 5:20
Riya, Villem, McLeod, Dynamite MC — Fear Bites 4:32
Riya, Zero T — Truth Hurts VIP 5:56
Riya, Hybrid Minds — Still Remains 5:35
Riya, Philth — Fall Apart 5:01
Riya, LSB — As Soon As 6:16

Not just one of drum & bass's most iconic female vocalists, but also one of the most respected... Riya's work behind the scenes goes back around 15 years. As a result she's got serious reference points, a genuine understanding of proper drum & bass and a really impressive debut album that features some of the best names in D&B. Ranging from the sci-fi soars and twinkling synths of "Misunderstanding" to the out-and-out gutter slaps of "Piece Of Me" via the soul jazz jungle lushness of "Don't You Know" and the already massive lighter-raiser "As Soon As". Released at a time when a lot of female features are popping up in D&B for all the wrong reasons, Riya is the real deal... And so is this album.


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