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VA - Blunted Breaks Vol. 2 (LP Sampler) (LORELP03S)

Style: Drum and Bass, Jungle
EP date: 5/02/2021
Quality: MP3 320 kbps x lossless
Label: Western Lore

A1. Response & Pliskin - Life Without Death
A2. D'tch - Re-reparation
B1. Double O feat. Sheba Q - God Is A Woman (Coco Bryce Remix)
B2. Eusebeia - True

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All gully on the Western front; Dead Man's Chest's label begin to present a brand new Blunted Breaks compendium. The last one, released 2018, did serious damage with the likes of Coco Bryce, Thugwidow, Earl Grey and Tim Reaper in the blend and there's no doubt this collection will do the same as friends old and new collide to celebrate the broken beat in all its blunted and deeper forms. Response & Pliskin set the scene with big breezy pads wrapped up over classic rave breaks. Serious 6am business. They're followed by The Dreamers affiliate D'TCH with the sublime halftime exploration 'Re-reparation' before Coco Bryce sends every single hair on your body on end with his twist Double O's 'God Is A Woman'. Last but not least Eusebeia closes the deal with a nod to the old Moving Shadow days. Keep it blunted.

Western Lore is a Bristol based record label run by music producer, DJ and visual artist Alex Eveson. Just last week they unleashed Crypticz terrific opus on us and they're already back again with this wicked various artist EP. Their second edition of Blunted Breaks features Response & Pliskin's hardcore rave epic "Life Without Death" that is so evocative and sincere you'd honestly think it was '94 all over again. There's also some half time experiments in the grey area courtesy of D'tch on the haunting "Re Reparation", while Double O hands in the mandatory junglist roller "God Is A Woman" (feat Sheba Q - Coco Bryce remix) and proper purist drum n bass reminiscent of the late '90s on Eusebeia's "True".

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