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Payback - Soul Searchers Artforms [LP] 2014

Style. Drum and Bass, Liquid DNB
Album date. 22.04.2014
Quality. 320kbps | MP3
Label. Textures Music Group

The thing about this album that is so great is that the vibe is so fresh. The way Payback approaches his music and production is unlike most producers that are in today's limelight, however, the outcome is what we all strive for - dope music. Payback definitely shows his true musical colors on each track and isn't afraid to explore new ideas, ultimately, creating a classic masterpiece of an album! Get your copy now!

Payback — Moanin' Mingus (Original Mix) 6:01
Payback — Addictions (Original Mix) 5:52
Payback — Artforms (Original Mix) 6:21
Payback — Soulmate (Original Mix) 6:03
Payback — Neon Lights (Original Mix) 6:00
Payback — Grey Matter (Original Mix) 6:14
Payback — Paradox (Original Mix) 6:00
Payback — Nomad (Original Mix) 5:55
Payback — Land Of The Blind (Original Mix) 6:00
Payback — Dubfunk (Original Mix) 6:00
Payback — Dance Of Light (Original Mix) 5:59


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